Monday, June 29, 2009

The Load Out Continues...

While it's good to be back home, so much has happened in a week. I was out of town last week on vacation. When I left, the Smokestack was still over 100 feet tall. On my return, the crane was gone and it was down to about 10 feet with trucks loading out the rubble. I'd first like to thank my son, Derek, for all of his hard work in keeping the blog updated in my absence. Way to go, son! I'd also like to thank Smokestack Committee Chairman, Parmod Kumar, another homeowner for managing the project in my absence. He has been on invaluable assistance through this entire journey.

Demolition is currently "paused" with the Smokestack at about 10 feet. The rubble is being loaded out of the site to a local recycling facility. Nothing generated from the demolition will go to a landfill. It will take to the end of this week to finish the load out and to begin cutting the remainder of the Smokestack down to its memorial height.

Today the committee met to finalize the design of the plaque that will be installed at the memorial. One of our young residents did a fantastic job creating artwork that we will incorporate into the final design. I will be sharing that with you next week. A note of caution to souvenir hunters, we are still working on the plan for possible distribution of bricks. We ask that everyone PLEASE stay out of the site. We do have Security watching to keep all folks out due to the safety issues. We don't want anyone hurt. Until next time...

Mark Weinmann, Cowell Smokestack Project Manager


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