Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day Two - The Site Looks Good!

Our contractor continues hard at work in getting the site ready for demolition next week. With the site cleared, the metal plates have been set to cover and protect utilities underground. Today a "rock" ramp (as seen here) was constructed from Lawson Ct. down top the smokestack which will allow vehicles and equipment better and safer access to the site.

We are currently scheduled to bring in the 250 ton crane next Monday, June 15th. This will take up Lawson Ct. closing it down while they construct the 300 ft. boom. The hope is the the crane will be ready with the concrete pulverizer chewing device on Tuesday morning to begin demolition.

A number of interested people have expressed a desire for a "piece" of history. CHOA is investigating how we can accommodate these requests and will post information here once we have made a determination.

Mark Weinmann, Project Manager, CHOA


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good information.

Anonymous said...

was the presence of asbestos addressed in the EIR?
what is being done to mitigate the loss of habitat for the hawks and owls that live in the stack?

Anonymous said...

Oh, no. First, we have to mitigate the loss of habitat when we develop land. OK. Now we have to mitigate the loss of a concrete and brick old smokestack as habitat?

I'm pretty sure the birds will flee from all of the noise during the preparation for demolition. I hope they find nice new homes.

OrdAvgGuy said...

We have checked the smokestack and can find no wildlife in it. As far as hazardous materials, core samples of the concrete and brick from top to botton have been tested back in 2004 and 2006. The only two issues, which were minor, were abated long ago and there is no toxic material in the stack.

Anonymous said...

I understand Smokestack demolition, but restoration? Don't tell me you're going to rebuild the thing.

OrdAvgGuy said...

Anon 9:26-

Restoration here means restoring the site back to its original condition. This will include the creation of a memorial using the bottom two feet of the stack and getting the landscaping back to better-than-original condition. The Overview document in the links on the home page covers this in more detail.

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