Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Panoramic View of the Smokestack Site

pan of site 2
The site of the Cowell Smokestack has changed dramatically over the last two weeks. First, our 235 foot smokestack was reduced down to about 10 feet. The ground is covered with a white dust. The are huge piles of rubble with spaghetti strewn rebar, cement chunk remnants, plaster, and a bricks. Again, great work to everyone involved with the journey to get to this point.

Thanks to Derek Weinmann for the panoramic photo of the site.


Anonymous said...

I say a sad day more than great work.

OrdAvgGuy said...

Indeed, it is a sad day but one we knew was coming. We didn't want to do this but without the proper support and finances, we literally had no other choice. We will honor the Smokestack's memory with what will be done at the site.

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