Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Final Demolition Begins

The Smokestack is moving ever closer to its final height of two feet. Today the bulk of the rubble was moved out and the stack was measured for the final memorial size. has a great picture of it here by "Radar". EBI will chip it down from its height of 10 feet yesterday to just above the line and the saw cut it with a diamond blade to get to the final height. It should be interesting watching over the next several days. I'll have more picture and start sharing some of the stories we received this week.

For you souvenir fans, we haven't forgot and have saved some bricks for "possible" distribution. We just need to make sure we can clear the legal and regulatory hurdles. More details will follow as soon as available.

Mark Weinmann, Cowell Smokestack Project Manager, CHOA


Anonymous said...


Thanks for managing such a successful project.

I would like to suggest some enhancement to the memorial site. I recommend to add flood lights pointing skywards on the circle wall. When these lights are turned on at night on special occasions like July 4th, they will simulate the smokestack shape.
Also we can cover the flood lights with different colors, like red and green for Xmas time.

...Lawrence Kong

OrdAvgGuy said...

Lawrence - we did look into this idea but could not do it for several reasons. Embedding lights in the top of the memorial would be costly and time consuming due to the concrete and rebar involved as well as getting power to the lights. Additionally, there is some concern over vandalism. In the end, it would have been great to accommodate but there were too many issues. We are doing our best to make a very nice memorial within our constraints and I think everyone will be pleased with the results.

-Mark Weinmann

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