Monday, June 22, 2009

Week Two Begins with News

The Cowell Smokestack project is back and running for week two. Already this week we have some important info. First we want to tell you all that the smokestack is now forty feet tall. Yea! Second, the crane will be demobilized (taken down) this Wednesday 6/24/09. We are a few days ahead of schedule. Take a look at how much the Smokestack has lost, you can almost not see it! Let's think last September the Smokestack stood watch over, but know nearly 5 days after the start of the project it is almost gone. The Smokestack has been "chewed" down nearly 195ft from the 235ft it was at. Great work every one!


Anonymous said...

Is the Smokestack also going to be demobilized? (taken down)

OrdAvgGuy said...

No, demoblized meaning taking down equipment or demoblizing it because it is not needed anymore!
thank you for the comment

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