Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's Next?

Picture by Duane Otis

With the actual Smokestack demolition coming to a close, the big question is, "What's Next?" First comes the haul off of the rubble. Concrete, bricks and rebar are being taken to a recycling facility. Some bricks are being saved until CHOA has made a final determination if we can distribute some as souvenirs to interested folks. Next week, the clean up of the Smokestack site will begin. It will take about a week to clean up all the rubble on site. After the clean up comes the construction of the monument. After the monument is built, fences will be taken down, landscape re-done and the project will be 100% complete. We will also be having a dedication and revealing of the monument plaque followed by a community celebration. More info to follow soon!


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