Friday, July 31, 2009

Tip 'o the Cap to the New Monument

The smokestack monument is beginning to take shape! The concrete cap was poured earlier this week. As you can see, it will provide a nice look to the structure when completed. But skateboarders beware, it may look like good boarding terrain, but skateboard "impediments" will be installed to discourage this. Sorry.

The next step will be the construction of the new sidewalks and floor of the monument. This will take place in the coming week. Along with that, landscaping of the site will begin as well.

We have finalized and ordered our memorial plaque which will be beautiful with the artwork and text commemorating the site where the Cowell Smokestack once stood. Homeowners of the Crossings, watch you mailbox this week. A letter will be delivering some great news and announcing the distribution of souvenir bricks and our coming community celebration and dedication. More details will be available here soon.

Mark Weinmann, Cowell Smokestack PM, CHOA


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