Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Smokestack Stories - Volume 1

As the Smokestack project has entered the construction phase, we thought it would be a good time and fun to share some of your stories. Our first comes from De Ann Jones.

"I lived in the small town of Cowell with my parents and four siblings from 1962 to 1969. We kids have a lot of fond memories of the wide-open spaces that were available to explore and play in each day. We'd grab our bikes, a few snacks, and be off until dinnertime. The most vivid memory I have of the smokestack is the day a couple of neighbor boys locked me in it! Yep, we had complete access to the smokestack and the door at the base was left unlocked. I remember it was very windy inside and looking at the opening some 200 feet up made me dizzy as I watched the clouds roll by. I think they let me escape after about five minutes inside but it seemed much longer to a seven year old.

I now live in Martinez with my husband and two teenagers and can actually see the smokestack (albeit very small) from on top of the hill in my backyard.

We lived in Cowell until the day they (the fire department) burned down the house we were renting--I remember watching it burn. I used to be able to locate the large pepper tree that stood in our front yard until a few years ago. I think the current homeowners decided it was too big and it's gone now. I can, however, still locate some of the landmark oak trees that we climbed in as kids."

Thanks for sharing with us De Ann!


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