Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...DONE!

Our beloved greenbelt and smokestack memorial are looking more complete every day and getting quickly back to "normal". But there is still the absence of the shadow of the great concrete monolith that once towered there.

This week it's all really coming together. The memorial had the pedestal completed and is awaiting only the brick masonry and the installation of our memorial plaque next week. The landscaping has made the most progress turning what used to be 4 foot high weeds and dirt into an emerald green carpet dotted with new trees. As Project Manager, I take a lot of pride in what all of our volunteers and contractors have done and created. It will be a monumental end to a long journey which will come to a celebratory end on Saturday, August 29th.

Mark Weinmann, Cowell Smokestack Project Manager, CHOA


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